#44 Guido does not load the ProjectManager

Startup (10)

After fixing those missing '-'s, which was not a very hard
job, guido starts but doesn't load the ProjectManager
properly with the following error message:

Initialization of plugin ProjectManager failed: Can't call
method "entryconfigure" on an undefined value
at /usr/local/guido/bin/../lib/Guido/Plugin/ProjectManager.pm
line 729

I had a go to track it down, but without success so far and I
won't have the time to right now. I'll tell you if I find out what
the problem is.

Thanks and regards,



  • Tarun

    Tarun - 2005-07-12

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    Facing the same bug.

    Any solution?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I have found the reason to this problem and it's rather
    anoying. However:

    The reason can be found if you run guido.pl with

    perl guido.pl trace_level 5 trace_window 1

    There is a lot of Tk-pack-option that are entered as "fill",
    "anchor" and so on, insted of "-fill", "-anchor" and so on.

    The fist place to edit is the bin/guido_config.cfg. Each
    plugin has an entry where there are a few pack-options:

    IE: <plugin class_name="ProjectManager"
    pack="side=left;anchor=nw;fill=y" plugin_name="Project
    Manager" />

    This should be changed to: <plugin
    pack="-side=left;-anchor=nw;-fill=y" plugin_name="Project
    Manager" />

    And so on for each plugin specified in the config-file.

    The second thing you have to do is to go to lib/Guido/ and
    here search for "anchor", "expand" and "fill" and find Tk
    pack-options in the .pm's that isn't prefixed with a "-".
    It's a job that'll be done in a sec with grep (=

    Now you're ready to roll!



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