#14 Installation directions incomplete


problems in the file INSTALL:

>2. Get all the modules that Guido depends upon (be
sure to follow the dependencies
> those modules might have, as well). These are
documented in ./guido.osd. Most
> of these modules are part of larger

The file ./guido.osd does not exist.

>5. cd into the app subdirectory in the Guido source

There is no app subdirectory. I believe it should be

>6. Make a copy of guido_config.cfg.ex, name it
guido_config.cfg, and make it writable
>7. Do the same with guido_rt.cfg.ex
>You should now be able to enter "perl guido.pl" while
in the bin subdirectory and Guido should run.
>If it doesn't, it's a bug and you can report the
errors you get at the Guido project site:

There is no guido.pl file. There is guido.pl.ex, but
no instructions on how to transform it. The GUDIOHOME
constant and the GUIDOLIB construction conflict with
the installation step of creating GUIDOLIB in the
environment. Assuming GUDIOHOME is required for some
other purpose than just to construct GUIDOLIB, I would
have both defined in the environment. Then, guido.pl
would be:

$| = 1;
select STDERR;
$| = 1;
select STDOUT;

## BEGIN is required. We need to check for the envvars
## before the 'use' statements fire, or else we get a
## error message.

my @errorMsg = ();
if(!defined($ENV{GUIDOHOME})) {
push @errorMsg, "Error. Environment variable
GUIDOHOME not defined";
if(!defined($ENV{GUIDOLIB})) {
push @errorMsg, "Error. Environment variable
GUIDOLIB not defined";
die join("\n",@errorMsg) if (scalar(@errorMsg));

use lib $ENV{GUIDOLIB};
use Guido::Application;
$found_lib = 1;

my $app = run Guido::Application(@ARGV);


  • James Tillman

    James Tillman - 2001-10-05
    • labels: 363533 --> Documentation
    • assigned_to: nobody --> jtillman
  • Matthew O. Persico

    Logged In: YES

    Same problems are apparent in version 0.03.

  • James Tillman

    James Tillman - 2002-02-04
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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