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PHPGuestbookAdmin 0.2 Released!

The development staff of PHPGuestbookAdmin is proud to announce the 0.2 release of its software!
PHPGuestbookAdmin is a versatile application that allows an administrator full control of an automated guestbook system that can be easily deployed to their website. The entire administrative UI is web-based so there's no messy editing of files. GuestbookAdmin also contains full support for "hycode" which allows visitors to safely format their entries if allowed by the admin. ... read more

Posted by Brad Hart 2005-07-25

PHPGuestbookAdmin is now underway!

The administrators of PHPGuestbookAdmin are happy to announce that the project is now underway here at!

In the coming days, weeks and months you should begin to see a mature project emerge that will hopefully contain all of the features desired.

Please check back soon and if you'd like to help out, drop the administrators and e-mail!

Posted by Brad Hart 2005-06-16