Jeff - 2013-09-27

I've been having a somewhat unique problem that I have not seen before in these discussions and I am hoping someone may be able to help. I am currently using Guacamole for a project and it has been working very well for everything we would like to do. I'll explain the setup and then the problem.

I essentially have multiple Linux machines setup each with their own instance of Guacamole running. Guacamole is setup with the NoAuth authentication extension and provides access to a single RDP account for that machine. These Linux machines are behind a firewall (simple iptables Linux machine) on an internal 192.168.x.x. network. The firewall serves as a gateway into these Linux machines. The firewall is setup to route a user to their RDP session via ports. For example, when a user goes to the following URL - http://firewall-ip:8001, the user will be routed to the Guacamole RDP session on the 192.168.x.1 machine. For http://firewall-ip:8002 they will be routed to the session on 192.168.x.2. This all works great for our project.

Now, the problem comes when one user wants to access two of these remote desktops at once. If I connect to http://firewall-ip:8001 and http://firewall-ip:8002 one after another, both connections disconnect and I get an "Unauthorized" message. The tomcat logs say "WARNING: Permission denied: Not authenticated" but nothing else. The weird part is I can access the two machines at once right after I install Guacamole from a fresh state, but after a while, it will never work again. I can access two at once if these machines have their own dedicated IP without a firewall, but this cannot be done for our project.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.