RDP graphics problem with Terminal Server 2008

  • Andrew Schretter

    I have guacamole 0.8.3 installed and working great with VNC. I tried setting it up RDP and when connecting to a Windows 8 desktop, everything works fine. However, connecting to my Windows 2008 Terminal Server terminal session, I get strange graphics corruption. The connection works and the desktop is usable, but it doesn't seem to refresh properly when windows are moved or scrolled. Artifacts are left behind and don't go away unless I right click on the desktop and select Refresh or drag something else over them.

    I tried connecting with xfreerdp and everything works fine. I tried changing color-depth and that had no effect. I'm using freerdp-1.0.2 and a CentOS server.

    Any idea what is causing guacamole to not refresh properly with the terminal server but work fine against Windows 8?

  • Michael Jumper

    Michael Jumper - 2013-10-25

    This is the first I've heard of such a bug.

    Is it only freerdp-1.0.2 + Guacamole? Do you see the same with freerdp-1.0.1 + Guacamole?

  • vitor

    vitor - 2014-10-31


    I have the same issue, using RDP to any version of Windows, using either Chrome or firefox.

    dpkg --list |grep rdp
    ii libfreerdp-dev 1.0.2-2ubuntu1 amd64 RDP client for Windows Terminal Services (development)
    ii libfreerdp-plugins-standard:amd64 1.0.2-2ubuntu1 amd64 RDP client for Windows Terminal Services (plugins)
    ii libfreerdp1:amd64 1.0.2-2ubuntu1 amd64 RDP client for Windows Terminal Services (library)

    Guacamole is the latest version built from Git.

  • jimxie

    jimxie - 2014-11-10

    Hi,i can confirm this issue. This bug is caused by optimized code.
    After i done below changes guacd work fine.
    / Reduce cost if no image data /
    if (rect_only)
    ///update_cost /= GUAC_SURFACE_DATA_FACTOR;
    return 1;
    i have no permit to commit code.
    would some body help to verify and review this change? thanks.

  • vitor

    vitor - 2014-11-10

    Hi jimxie,
    Your fix did the trick but it also introduced some latency, not much but its noticeable in slower connections.
    Many thanks for the fix.

  • Michael Jumper

    Michael Jumper - 2014-11-12

    vitor/jimxie - this is the danger of building from git. The source there will contain our latest changes, which can break things. I believe what you encountered is a regression that we recently fixed, so if you pull the latest again, you should be fine: https://glyptodon.org/jira/browse/GUAC-923

    ... that said, you would be better off building from the released source archives. Released code is thoroughly tested, while git is almost always a work in progress.

    As for the proposed change, no, I don't think arbitrarily neutering the optimization code is the way to go. Please try our fix for GUAC-923 and see if that resolves the issue.

  • vitor

    vitor - 2014-11-12

    Hi Michael,

    It seems that is fixed in the latest git version. Tested in windows 2003 and 2008 only.
    Many thanks.


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