Ubuntu 13.04 + Guacamole PPA 0.8.3 + RDP broken?

  • Warren

    Warren - 2013-09-27

    Ubuntu 13 comes with a pretty ancient version of Guacamole 0.6. Nevertheless I was able to
    get it up and going without any fuss. I was impressed. So then I wanted to try the latest, so
    I set up using the PPA as per:


    I installed with the PPA and the whole thing seems much more broken, most especially RDP.
    I restarted guacd. I played around, I rebooted because nothing was working.

    I get stuck in one of two places, either it tries to connect and opens a big black screen in the browser with a giant white X in the top left corner, or else clicking buttons in the browser has NO effect, whether it's the LOGIN button on the first screen or the DEFAULT button on the second screen
    that should open the RDP connection.

    Are there differences between a valid configuration file and a valid user file in 0.6 and 0.8?
    My guacamole.properties file is bog standard out of box, with the two guacd-* properties and one auth-provider line, and one basic-user-mapping: line.

    Should I bail back to 0.6.0 or does 0.8.3+RDP actually work?


  • Warren

    Warren - 2013-09-27

    Hmm. It seems that it would be better to Uninstall all GUAC 0.6 related stock Ubuntu packages and then reinstall under the PPA since dependencies and update tasks do not seem to work properly otherwise.

  • Warren

    Warren - 2013-09-27

    Okay since reinstalling, FIrefox now works, but Google Chrome does not work with RDP with GUAC 0.8.3, I just get a black screen with a white X icon in the top left corner.

    In /var/log/syslog I see this:

    Sep 27 13:33:18 hostname guacd[3243]: Error reading instruction: End of input stream: End of stream reached while reading instruction

    Some other ODD things:

    1. On people's computers who had connected previously with 0.6.0 something is messed up and prevents logins from working. User types username and password and it just sits there forever. Note that hitting F5 (forcing a browser reload) will show the landing screen that occurs after login now in 0.8 (that did not exist in 0.6).

    2. Creating a new Tomcat instance of the Guacamole.war named Guacamole2/ fixes the above and a whole host of other issues that I assume have to do with browser history, or cookies, or sessions state, or something.

    I think I'm sorted out here, although I'm still confused a bit, I am able to work, and no longer would say "Hey it's entirely broken". I hope that my post helps some future user.

    No help needed, I think, but comments and clarifications would be appreciated if I'm doing it wrong.


  • Michael Jumper

    Michael Jumper - 2013-09-27

    0.8.3 works, including Google Chrome (I'm using it right now). Please try clearing your browser cache (see below) - it's most likely the source of the problem.

    From what you've said this far, I believe your initial problems were due to the behavior of "apt-get upgrade". Relative to 0.6.0, version 0.8.3 requires new packages to be installed, including libguac5. Normally, "apt-get upgrade" will refuse to do this - you would have needed to run "apt-get dist-upgrade".

    Now that 0.6.0 has been removed entirely, the upgrade could be performed properly. The full reinstall that you performed accomplished the same.

    As for users being unable to log in, this is due to the old code being cached in their browsers. If you clear the browser cache, everything should work fine.