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gTweakUI 0.4.0 released

gTweakUI 0.4.0 has been released. This version includes a galeon dialog, re-worked menus dialog and budget quality launcher icons. This release is partially translated into 8 languages.

Posted by Daniel James 2004-08-12

gTweakUI 0.0.6 released

This release marks the first real 'useful' release. There are three dialogues completed and all *should* work perfectly.

gTweakUI provides extra configuration dialogues for the gnome 2.0+ desktop environment.

Posted by Daniel James 2004-06-08

gTweakUI 0.0.5 released

gTweakUI provides extra configuration dialogues for the GNOME2.0+ desktop environment.

gTweakUI 0.0.5 has been released. This release includes a new dialogue - extra nautilus preferences. This release is also translatable. If you would like to translate gTweakUI please visit:

Posted by Daniel James 2004-06-07

gTweakUI 0.0.4 released

This is a bugfix and minor feature enhancements release.

There was a bug that made the session properties dialogue unable to show a preview of the default splash image. This is fixed now.

The session properties dialogue has been updated to use the new file chooser when selecting a new splash image.

Posted by Daniel James 2004-05-30

gTweakUI 0.0.3 released

Sorry guys.. 0.0.2 was crap. The splash image selection in the session properties dialog has been improved so that it is usable now.

Posted by Daniel James 2004-05-28

gTweakUI 0.0.2 released

This release includes an improved interface and an extra configuration dialogue.

gTweakUI provides extra configuration dialogues for the gnome 2.0+ desktop.

Posted by Daniel James 2004-05-27

First gTweakUI Dialogue completed

gTweakUI is (will be) a collection of extra preference dialogues for the GNOME2+ desktop. The first dialogue is now completed and ready for testing/using etc.

The first dialogue allows the user to set extra application menu preferences. for downloads (rpm srpm tar.bz2).

Posted by Daniel James 2004-05-21

gTweakUI project started

gTweakUI project has been started.

The project is all ready to go, I'm just getting over the flu and finishing up a heap of work I have and then I will get started on the first dialogue. At the moment all that is done is the autoconf/automake system, the actual work is yet to come...

Posted by Daniel James 2004-05-16

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