#6 gtkhtml-3.0/3.1 and external qof patch


The current configure.in defines gtkhtml minimum
version at 3.0.0 but it asks pkg-config to look for the
libgtkhtml-3.1 module so we can't build against
gtkhtml-3.0. This is a short patch to configure.in to
query pkg-config for libgtkhtml-3.1 and if it's not
found then to try to configure against libgtkhtml-3.0

I am testing this patch on a gtkhtml-3.0 system and it
compiles fine. Runing it hasn't proven to be bug prone


  • Toshio Kuratomi

    Toshio Kuratomi - 2004-07-21
    • summary: Enable building against gtkhtml 3.0 as well as 3.1 --> gtkhtml-3.0/3.1 and external qof patch
  • Toshio Kuratomi

    Toshio Kuratomi - 2004-07-21

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    This new patch combines the build code enabling gtkhtml-3.0
    as well as gtkhtml-3.1 compilation with a patch to allow
    building with an external libqof instead of the bundled one.
    The code in configure.in allows you to use
    --with-system-qof/--without-system-qof to force configure to
    use or not use the system qof. If neither are specified,
    configure uses pkg-config to select whether to use a system
    installed qof or not.

    If using system qof, building and installing the libraries
    and headers in lib/* is disabled and compiling and linking
    occurs against the system libraries instead of the bundled

    The code currently speciies that the qof version must be
    0.5.0 as I don't know how the API of the qof library will be
    changing in future releases. As you know more about this,
    please feel free to change the definitions of::
    in configure.in.

    This patch has been tested to build on systems with and
    without qof installed. In order to compile, you also need
    gnotime-qof-include.patch which will be attached next.

  • Toshio Kuratomi

    Toshio Kuratomi - 2004-07-21

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    This non-overlapping patch is in addition to the previous
    gnotime-gtkhtml3-qof.patch. It standardises #includes of
    qof library headers in src/* to be::
    #include <qof/qof.h>

    This allows the external library version of the qof build to
    work with the pkg-config script provided by the qof library.
    If this is not what is intended, the qof script (qof-0.pc)
    needs to be fixed up in the qof package to add the
    equivalent of -I $(includedir)/qof to the cflags.

  • Linas Vepstas

    Linas Vepstas - 2004-08-20

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    I applied the gtkhtml-3.0 patch. However, I also did an external-qof
    conversion myself, not working from your patches, so its slightly
    incompatible. Sorry, I did this before I checked the patch list.
    My hacking doesn't have a --with-system-qof flag;
    instead it just tries to autodetect, and builds with it if it finds it.

    If its still important to you, then please add a --with-local-qof
    flag, to force it to build with the local libqof even if one is found
    installed on the system ...

  • Linas Vepstas

    Linas Vepstas - 2004-08-20
    • assigned_to: nobody --> linas
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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