#52 Small display of current task, and interaction

Simon Grant

When I'm using Gnotime I often want a quick check on what I have told Gnotime I am doing. Currently I have to either open the window, or have a substantial window obscuring the one I'm actually working on.

Fix 1: at least make the name of the current activity show in the taskbar.

Fix 2 (a lot better): enable a very small window, which could be always on top, to display the current activity, with a small "stop" button. When the activity name is clicked on, a hierarchical drop-down menu of all activities appears, from which a new task can be chosen.

This would make the interface much more useful.

In addition, one could set this small one-line display to blink at intervals, to attract attention, perhaps merging this request with the other relevant one below.


  • Simon Grant

    Simon Grant - 2008-04-11

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    Further to this suggestion, I meant the "Bug me" idea as related. A sensible alternative to a small floating window would be a panel icon or menu.

  • Goedson Teixeira Paixao

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    In version 2.3.0, we have a tray that indicates visually if the timer is running and shows the name of the running project in its tooltip. You can also start/stop the timer for the currently selected project by clicking on this tray icon.

    Missing is the possibility to choose which project to start via a drop-down menu. But it is in our plans.

  • Simon Grant

    Simon Grant - 2008-04-16

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    Thanks - I was commenting on version 2.2.2 which is all I have on Ubuntu at present. I look forward to 2.3 being made available there!
    I want to be able to visually check which project is running just by a glance, not having to move the mouse or press a key.


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