Peter Ajamian - 2013-06-08

Fedora, since version 15 now packages only gtkhtml 4.x (unfortunately they still call it gtkhtml3). Anyways, the issue here is that gtkhtml now uses gtk+ 3 symbols, so if you try to build gnotime (after hacking the configure script to accept gtkhtml4) it will build fine, but when you go to run it gnotime dumps core because gtk+ complains about mixing the gtk+2 symbols from gnotime with the gtk+3 symbols from gtkhtml 4.x.

I have been able to get gnotime to build and run on Fedora 18 by first rebuilding the old gtkhtml 3.14 package from Fedora 14 as gtkhtml314. This will install alongside of gtkhtml3 (4.x) on Fedora 18 without causing any clashes or issues, and then building gnotime against that. After doing this gnotime happily runs on Fedora 18.

I consider this a bit of a stop-gap solution. The real solution would be to update the gtk+ symbols in gnotime to gtk+3 symbols, but this is a major task and I'm not versed in gtk+ anywhere near enough to take it on. Anyways, for those who want to run gnotime on F18 in the meantime you can now install it, as well as the gtkhtml314 packages that I've built from my repository at . Please first install the pajamian-release package, then you can simply "yum install gnotime" which will automatically pull in gtkhtml314 as a dependancy as well.

I haven't built it for Fedora 17, but if there is demand I can probably do that as well.

Peter Ajamian