Is this project dead ?

  • The developpement seems to be stopped.

    Someone got any information about the future of this nice tool ?

    • Linas Vepstas
      Linas Vepstas

      It needs new developers. I'm unlikely to do any further
      extensive development any time soon.  A patch release will be coming soon, though.

    • It's sad 'cause there's no tool like this one :(

      Once again, thanks Linas for all the time you've spent on this nice tool.

    • Gage

      It is indeed sad that this excellent software appears to be no longer supported. I really could use a program like this for my fledgling business... but it does not seem to function entirely. (I only see one line at a time in the main window) ...that is ..  in Kubuntu 6.06.

    • It's certainly not dead. We should release a new version (mainly a bug fix release)
      really soon now. You can already check these bug fixes by checking out the current
      development code from the project subversion repository this way:

      svn checkout

      After this release, we will start fixing more serious usability problems that
      require deeper changes in the code and implementing new features.