#87 fix annoying pop-up.

Interface (30)

The inactivity pop should have two buttons on it "remind me later" and don't remind me again".

The problem is that the the inactivity popup can be really really annoying if you are done working, don't want to credit any project. It keeps puopping up. Yes, it can be disabled in the preferences, but its kind of hard to figure out howto do this (myself, I completely forgot that it can be disabled, so didn't even look for this in the prefs). So make it real easy to disable or defer this. The "remind me later" button should make lengthen the timeout by 12x of the usual timeout, one time only. (i.e. if the inactivity timeout is set to 300 seconds, then "remind me later" should defer for 3600 secs, (one hour), for this one time only).

The "don't remind me again" button should change the timeout to -1, permanently. (there are two inactivity timeouts... not sure whther to change one or both. Maybe just change 1 .. because usually, during the daytime, these nag windows are useful, while hard at work, but at night, while surfing on the same computer, they're just annoying.)


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