Android Port?

  • Mike Wilson

    Mike Wilson - 2009-08-26

    Hey, is there any plans to port this to the Android Platform? The SDK is supposed to be very good, and they have an android emulator you could test it on. However, Android runs on Java, and I'm not sure if you have a ton of Assembler or C code that would need to be ported.

    I wouldn't mind working on GUI work, but I don't know how the emulator at it's core works at all.

    I used to have Windows Mobile, and it was very convenient to have the portable VTI application. However, that project looks stale, and this one looks to be very active. It was a very useful app, and I'd love to have it on my new Android phone!

    • Mike Wilson

      Mike Wilson - 2009-09-01

      Sorry for the double post, but upon further inspection, it looks like the new Android SDK 1.5 has an NDK which allows you to make any c/c++ code into libraries for use in your app. So there wouldn't be the issue of trying to port c/c++ over to Java.


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