More Flexible Keymapping

  • I love this program.. I have my ti, but this is much easier on the eyes ;)  The ONLY thing missing to make this program REALLY useful is full, no-holds-barred keyboard mapping.  While you can now change which keyboard key emulates which ti key, this is not flexible enough.
    I want my keyboard to type the standard qwerty characters (mostly) as they appear on the keyboard.  I use matlab and mathematica a lot on my computer and tiemu drives me insane that brackets and parentheses are not in their standard place.  Same goes for semi-colon, <, >,...  For example I need to bind qwerty "9" == ti "9" BUT qwerty "shift+9" == ti "(" and so on.
    I'm pretty sure this is not possible via the current keymapping features?  If it is, please let me know how.  If it isn't, is this something we could expect to see added in the near future, PLEASE :)  This would increase input speed MANY-fold for me, and I'm assuming, for everyone else.
    Thanks for a great piece of software.

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    • I agree. This is needed for sure

  • I double agree!! and I don't see quotes anywhere? I have to use the mouse and alt key!