Donald Blachly - 2008-05-01

While looking for an emulator for Ti84 PLUS Silver Edition, I stumbled on to TiLP2.  I am running Windows XP.  My goal was find an emulator so I could program on my computer as suggested by Boris Cherny on  Of the emulators listed, I cold not find one that used the USB cable supplied by Ti to accept the ROM for my Ti84... 

TiLP2 seems to be much faster than the TI Graphing Product CD v1.3 for back up that came with my Ti84... 

1.  But I got an error on the last App:  Transfrm. 

Error was "tifiles ERROR**: string passed in 'write_string8' is too long (>nchars)' aborting."
After acknowledgine, Error was "RUNTIME ERROR!  Terminate in unusual way, Contact Support team. 
I was aable to back up everthing except the installed APPS with no problem. 

I deleted the previous backup with Ti Connect(?) as instructions drives are not compatible with TiLP2.

2.  Can I use TiLP to provide the Ti specific infor for my calculator in VTI emulator?  Helop is appreciated.  TiLP implies it will send an assembly file to the calculator ROMDUMP which is then run from PRGM/EXEC/ROMDUMP.  But it does not appear to transfers. 

Any help with 2 is appreciated, including suggesting an appropriate emulator that supports Ti's USB (Direct link? or Silver link?) 

Issue 1 is of less importance but feel free to address it if you can.