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Help, how to correct or remove lzt?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I just installed lzt (the Laplace and Z-transform tool) to my TI-89. I think something went wrong in the installation and the lzt "commands" or functions whatever they are called did not go under the folder lzt\ as supposed but are in the main now. That seems to lead to the application not working properly. I thought I should remove the functions and maybe try to install again (or just forget it and do the transforms manually) but when I try to remove with TILP2, there's just an error message saying "You need AMS 2.09 mini to perform this operation" or something. SO, how to either move the lzt stuff to the correct folder in the calculator or just remove it? Installation instructions are fine but nowhere is explained how to remove stuff from the calculator?


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Well now I found out how to manually move the functions using the calculator ui, but would be nice if it could be done with tilp.


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