#92 No screenshots in burst capture mode if skips is set to 0


(TiEmu 3.03 Linux)
In the Screenshot Options dialog, the tooltip for the "skips" spinbox (under Burst Capture) says that the value is the number of frames *skipped* between screenshots, so that to take a shot every four frames, the value must be set to 3. Logically, then, to take a shot every frame, the value should be set to 0. However, if the value is set to 0, absolutely nothing happens when Screenshot > Now! is selected. I spent an hour or two of head-scratching trying to figure out why in the world burst capture wasn't doing anything when I *know* I had used it before successfully. :-)

Perhaps the tooltip is wrong, and the value is actually being interpreted as "take a shot every x frames" instead of "skip x frames between shots"? In this case, maybe the tooltip should be updated and the minimum allowed value be made 1 rather than 0.


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