#26 Key mapping failed


I was using this emulator to teach TI-89 calculator use
in a maths class using a mac powerbook (Apple X11 and
Fink), when I noticed the following:

1. After a while, all the keys on the calculator keypad
seemed to produce a '+' or 'U' sign in the display.
Even pressing "HOME" had the same problem. I could only
recover by restarting the emulator. Is this an issue
with the emulator or with Apple's X11 implementation?

2. Trying to go full screen produces an LCD display
smaller than the one in normal mode.

My email is: ybyue1@student.monash.edu.au


  • Christian Walther

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    1. I've never seen that. Seems that something wonky is going on with
    the keyboard emulation. I'll have a look at the hardware documentation
    to see if there's something special about the + and U keys.

    2. Right, I can reproduce that. Even funnier, when you try to resize that
    small window up to a sensible size again, it slowly backs down to the
    original tiny size. Romain (or anyone), can you reproduce that on Linux/
    Windows? If you can, you're probably faster than me in fixing it, being
    more familiar with the GTK code.

  • hibou

    hibou - 2005-08-01

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    2.The full screen work nice on my gentoo linux. I only have
    resizing problem as I reported in the bug 1227433.

  • Romain Liévin

    Romain Liévin - 2005-08-02
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  • Kevin Kofler

    Kevin Kofler - 2005-11-19

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    The "slowly backing down" you describe looks a lot like bug
    1227433. I also get a gradual resizing there (from factor
    2.00 to 1.44) while TiEmu is being loaded.

  • Kevin Kofler

    Kevin Kofler - 2006-05-25
    • assigned_to: cwalther --> nobody
    • summary: Key mapping failed and full screen doesn't work --> Key mapping failed
  • Kevin Kofler

    Kevin Kofler - 2006-05-25

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    For issue 2.:
    * full-screen mode is currently disabled
    * the underlying cause has probably been fixed by:
    - [kevin] $2003: fixed
    feedback loop (see bugs #1227433, #1249087)
    thus issue 2. can be considered resolved.

    Issue 1 is still there though. Thepro says it happens on
    Window$ too, so it's not an OS X or Apple X11 bug, but a
    TiEmu problem.

  • Kevin Kofler

    Kevin Kofler - 2006-05-25

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    <Thepro> Ça arrive quand j'utilise la souris et quand le
    bogue se produit, même en tapant au clavier, c'est comme si
    j'appuyais toujours sur la même touche


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