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GTKRawGallery version 0.9.9 released!


version 0.9.9

  • Included Dropbox SDK
  • New Webkit based facebook, Flickr and Dropbox authentication dialog;
  • Facebook, Flickr, Picasa Web Album and Dropbox uploaders with multiuser support;
  • Improved crop tool;
  • Updated messages.pot;
  • Italian translation;
  • Background music is stopped when slideshow is paused;
  • Added image size on thumbnail tooltips;
  • Fix broken dropbox uploader;
  • Fix facebook and Flickr authentication errors;
  • Fix display error on svg files;
  • Fix missing thumbnail border on gallery zoom out;
Posted by Daniele Isca 2013-09-10

Updated gtkrawgallery-0.9.8.tar.bz2 package

Source package was updated for missing on pythonmagickwand package.
Fix the error: no module named pythonmagickwand.

Posted by Daniele Isca 2013-04-30

Updated GTKRawGallery web site

Added Google translation bar.

Posted by Daniele Isca 2013-04-20

updated GTKRawGallery web site

Added italian translation.

Posted by Daniele Isca 2013-04-18

Optimized windows package.

Windows package was cleaned from unnecessary files and modules.
Now gtkrawgallery.exe icon is visible also on Windows Vista and 7.

Posted by Daniele Isca 2013-03-25

GTKRawGallery version 0.9.8 released!


version 0.9.8
+ First Windows package released;
+ DropBox uploader;
+ manual tagging;
+ Improved Exiftool interface. Implemented the batch mode to quickly retrieving metadata without the overhead of restarting the interpreter
at every call.
+ The curve tool was ported to Cairo avoiding random crashes due to gtk.curve issues. Now curve is stable, faster and portable.
+ Possibility to save dcraw presets;
+ New history tab on development window for best workflow control with possibility to save styles for batch conversion and apply styles
to photos;
+ New "Tags" tab on main window left panel for faster tag filtering and manual tagging;
+ Directory tree and album list have been switched to single click mode;
+ Advance Metadata Editor improvements;
+ Raw images are no long previewed on development window metadata tabs, but always extracted;
+ Development window fullscreen mode;
+ Drag and Drop from gallery to album list and tag list on left panel;
+ Smaller thumbnail size provided;
+ Gtk warnings no long logged;
+ Fix a bug on facebook login;
+ Fix a bug with non ascii names on sort_by_date function;

Posted by Daniele Isca 2013-03-19

GTKRawGallery version 0.9.71 released!


version 0.9.71


+ Faster start time (about 20% of 0.9.7 version);

+ Fix "\fullsize_image.tiff': No such file or directory @ error/blob.c/OpenBlob/2589" on apply_effect method;

+ Fix broken pythonmagickwand package;

Posted by Daniele Isca 2012-04-02

GTKRawGallery version 0.9.7 released!

Changelog version 0.9.7


+ I am pleased to announce that Windows porting of GTKRawGallery was completed.

A Portable version will be released on the project page.

+ License was updated to GNU GPL v.3;

+ GUI appearance based on gtkrc style file and a new dark theme was provided as default;

+ Facebook, Flickr and Picasa Web Albums photo publisher;

+ Adds support for 3fr, ari, cap, iiq, eip, dcs, drf, mef, nrw, pxn, r3d, raw, rw1, rwz image formats;... read more

Posted by Daniele Isca 2012-02-24

GTKRawGallery version 0.9.61 released!

Changelog version 0.9.61

+ GTK UI was ported to the GTKBuilder format. Libglade no long required;
+ Message Dialogs were created at runtime;
+ liblcms was included in the package to permit the Profile Inspector to work on systems with lcms2 installed too;
+ Splash screen progressbar;
+ New "Reset Workflow" toolbutton;
+ New Print toolbutton on development window and ability to print a modified raw image directly;
+ Protection from undecodable image errors;
+ New "Sort by size" gallery option;
+ New square thumbnail option;
+ Fast thumbnail loading on Mail client and Burner;
+ Burn is disabled when no device found;
+ Fix some deadlocks on Curve tool (requires feedbacks);
+ Fix "Invalid Text Buffer Iterator" bug on ErrorLog class;
+ Fix random segmentation fault on gallery loading;
+ Fix not working autosave in save_workflow method;
+ Fix some portability issues;
+ Fix some code not thread-safe;

Posted by Daniele Isca 2011-02-21

GTKRawGallery version 0.9.6 released!

GTKRawGallery changelog

version 0.9.6
+ Color Management based on ICC profile;
+ Basic ICC profile inspector;
+ Ports to Python 2.6 (2.5 no long supported!);
+ PIL is deprecated! Added a check for numpy support on pygtk in order to replace PIL on Magickwand to GDKPixbuf transformation
with increased performance. It also permits to eliminate the dependence from PIL;
+ Gettext support;
+ Provided messages.pot file for translators (read TRANSLATORS file for more information);
+ Adds support for .bay, .bmq, .cs1, .dc2, .fff, .k25, .mos, .rdc, .sr2 and .rw2 raw formats;
+ Checks for dcraw lcms support;
+ Updated Pythonmagickwand and removed max version block;
+ Possibility to send photos by mail;
+ Possibility to store photos on CD/DVD (requires cdrtools);
+ Possibility to rename multiple files with pattern;
+ Print support;
+ Exif, iptc and xmp metadata write support;
+ New Tag Manager design with advanced metadata editor and custom templates;
+ New "Clear keywords" button was added to the Tag Manager;
+ Tag Manager multilanguage support;
+ Tag Manager was switched to the main thread;
+ Metadata informations were separated by group and customizable "Favorites" tab was added;
+ Some shortcuts were changed;
+ Smaller thumbnail size option provided;
+ More image effects (charcoal, sketch, tint, posterize, spread, negate, radial blur, motion blur, adaptive blur);
+ Curves;
+ White balance;
+ Color temperature adjustment;
+ White balance preset editor!
+ Auto white balance presets (looks for presets stored on metadata);
+ Synchronize database tool can recognize keywords stored as list type by Exiftool;
+ Improved cache control;
+ New About dialog;
+ Faster Directory Tree. It was rewritten for best performance;
+ Error Log dialog allowing to read debugging information;
+ Removed Exif tab on settings dialog;
+ Removed Fontchooser on settings dialog to avoid display issues with font's unsupported characters;
+ GIO File Monitor for directory tree auto-updating;
+ Exiftool interface was rewritten using the more convenient JSON format;
+ Faster Synchronize database tool;
+ Batch manager improvements;
+ Batch queue , settings, albums and templates are stored as soon as modified to save them from improvvise crashes;
+ New "sort by date" gallery option;
+ Improved dependencies control;
+ Statistics were moved near histogram;
+ Added progressbar during raw extraction;
+ Added uninstall-gtkrawgallery launcher;
+ Added Disconnect togglebutton on dcraw GUI;
+ Added Rotation option on dcraw GUI;
+ "Default Colors" button on preferences now restores rc style colors;
+ Fast gallery refresh when reducing thumbnail size, on delete, move functions and layout switching;
+ Other GUI improvements;
+ Copy and Move functions were protected from insufficient disk space error;
+ Fix the issue of different behaviour with some image effects between scaled and full sized image;
+ Fix a bug on X3F and DNG files with embedded thumbnails as .ppm format;
+ Fix a functional error on synchronize database tool;
+ Fix a bug on slideshow background color;
+ Fix a bug on layout 3 image label updating;
+ Fix selection delay;
+ Fix desktop file errors;
+ Fix loss of keywords when album is renamed;
+ Fix save button's sensitivity setting on image effects;
+ Fix wrong image size on statusbar with some raw formats;

Posted by Daniele Isca 2010-09-24

GTKRawGallery 0.9.6 will come soon!

Hi all,
sorry for the lack of news, but do not worry, GTKRawGallery 0.9.6 is in development and will come with an incredible amount of features!

Posted by Daniele Isca 2010-05-11

GTKRawGallery version 0.9.5 released!

GTKRawGallery changelog

version 0.9.5
+ Updated to dcraw 8.94 new 16 bit with gamma option permitting to start the workflow from a gamma corrected 16 bit depth image (thank you Mr. Coffin!);
+ Setted 16 bit depth as default;
+ Red eye removal;
+ Lens distortion correction;
+ Oil Paint effect;
+ Speckle noise reduction;
+ Shadows/Highlights correction;
+ Updated (renamed to load DrawingWand;
+ Updated to first remove old data files;
+ Updated Pythonmagickwand to Imagemagick 6.5.4
+ Removed deprecated from Pythonmagickwand;
+ Added DrawingWand wrapper and other needed functions to Pythonmagickwand;
+ Fixed inverted size for rotated images on scale function;
+ Fixed "ImportError" for module due to the sys.prefix "bug";
+ Fixed a bug on tag manager due to the missing selection control;
+ Fixed a bug in add_missed_tags function;

Posted by Daniele Isca 2009-07-18

GTKRAwGallery version 0.9.4 released!

Changelog version 0.9.4
+ Standard setup provided;
+ Uninstaller provided;
+ Command line access;
+ Sox dependence now is optional;
+ Added a GUI written with Tkinter to report missing dependencies;
+ Added library version control;
+ Added gamma correction to Dcraw GUI;
+ Added Median filter to Dcraw GUI (A slow function that can be an effective remedy against iso-noise);
+ New multi-threaded thumbnail generator for faster gallery loading;
+ Possibility to open files and folders dropped from window manager;
+ Desktop Entry specification compatibility permits to right click a file and open with/gtkrawgallery,
and associating raw images as all common image formats to be opened with GTKRawGallery;
+ New Sqlite3 dependence;
+ Album preview autorotation;
+ Fast tag search with database support;
+ Synchronize database tool (see README);
+ Metadata writing now is optional;
+ New "Write metadata" button on tag panel;
+ Metadata processing was switched to a separate thread
and progressbar window can be minimized;
+ "Clear database" button was added to the configuration dialog;
+ Image tags were added on thumbnail tooltip;
+ Keywords tag was added to exif list;
+ Sorted directory tree;
+ Hidden folders access;
+ Updated Pythonmagickwand to Imagemagick 6.5.3
+ Thumbnail quality was improved;
+ Smoother crop selection (rewritten with cairo);
+ thumbnails loading was switched to a separate thread to unblock details window;
+ Opening folder or album during gallery loading was unblocked;
+ Image zooming was unabled also in not full size workflow mode;
+ Temporary directories were made into the system /tmp folder;
+ Settings database was stored into the /home/$user/.GTKRawGallery directory;
+ Fixed "trembling" bug on image dragging;
+ Fixed a bug on grep_image_size function;
+ Fixed a bug on rename function when overwrite dialog is called;
+ Fixed "NULL size bug" on scale function;
+ Fixed autorotation bug when "cache thumbnail" option was unchecked;
+ Added thumbnail modification control on thumbnail generator;
+ Delete function was rewritten to avoid gallery reloading on layout 3
and quickly deleting wrong photos;
+ New "delete" button was added on details window;
+ The "remove from album" menuitems were removed and unified with "delete" function;
+ Added shortcuts;
+ Removed Fullscreen and Slideshow toolbuttons from details window;
+ Smoother slideshow's fading transition;
+ Details window shrinkage was unblocked for TwinView video mode;
+ "wand2pixbuf" function was improved;
+ Added exception handlers where needed;
+ Exiftool warning report;
+ Many code optimizations and fixes;

Posted by Daniele Isca 2009-06-07

GTKRawGallery version 0.9.3 released!

Fix other bugs in pythonmagickwand package.

Posted by Daniele Isca 2008-10-21

GTKRawGallery version 0.9.2 released!

This release fix a bug in PythonMagickWand (libWand error!) for compatibility with newer ImageMagick versions.

Posted by Daniele Isca 2008-10-21

GTKRawGallery version 0.9.1 released!

Fixed tollbutton sensitivity bug on main window;

Posted by Daniele Isca 2008-10-18

GTKRawGallery version 0.9 released!

Change-Log (version 0.9)
o New detailed and full featured Dcraw GUI with fine controls and automatic preview;
o Image histogram: a very important tool on digital photography;
o Color enhance tools;
o Image effects and transform tools;
o New Imagemagick dependence to permit a non destructive workflow (16 bit color depth);
o Splash screen;
o Batch Processor;
o Tagging;
o New over and under-exposed pixels buttons was added;
o Preserved metadata on "save_as_png" function;
o Useful "move", "copy", "rename" and "delete" functions was added to the browser;
o Detailed thumbnail tooltip;
o Thumbnail caching was optimized;
o Image handling with left mouse button;
o Automatic thumbnails scrolling on layouts 3 and 4;
o Zoom percentage on statusbar;
o Fixed "Open with Gimp" function bug;
o Fixed "dcraw options" function bug;
o Fixed "raw image dimensions" bug on statusbar and exif panel;
o Fixed "clear cache" bug;
o Autorotation code was optimized;

Posted by Daniele Isca 2008-10-15

GTKRawGallery version 0.6 released!

o Deleted PIL dependence porting to gtk+ 2.10
o Thumbnails cache costumizable;
o Added a new layout;
o Added thumbnail border costumizable;
o Added a fading transition in the slideshow;
o Background player in the slideshow;
o Album preview costumizable on left panel;
o Total size calculus;
o Cache level calculus;
o Automatic columns number calculus;
o Sorted folders on directory tree with autoexpansion at the last visited path;
o New Default colors button;
o New "Raw Preview" buttons on "Save As" dialog and Details window;
o New "Save as" and "Exit" buttons on Details window;
o New "Default Settings" button on Options dialog;
o New toolbar buttons;
o Fixed "Cannot rotate 48bit images" bug porting to gtk+ 2.10;
o Added input control in some dialogs;

Posted by Daniele Isca 2008-01-07

GTKRawGallery version 0.5.1 released!

o Added Sorting function;
o Selection color costumizable;
o Fixed "Memory leak" bug;
o Fixed "Collapse Rows function" bug;

Posted by Daniele Isca 2007-10-31

GTKRawGallery version 0.5 released!

o Changed gallery implementation to make raw thumbnails singly without preprocessing them all together,
that permits to enjoy immediately your photos!
o The "Open with" function was switched in a new thread for non-blocking work;
o Now you can browse raws inside directorys without write permission;
o Added a cache system for pixbuf loading improvement on detailed window and fullscreen mode;
o Preserved all metadatas recognized by Exiftool in the Conversion and "Save as" functions;
o Image Autoresizing on detailed window;
o New "Full Exif List" and "Hide Exif" buttons on detailed window;
o New "Open With" button on detailed window;
o Gallery, thumbnails label and treeviews colors costumizable;
o Costumizable thumbnails label font;
o New gallery view mode buttons;

Posted by Daniele Isca 2007-10-28

GTKRawGallery version 0.4 released!

o Improved batch conversion code: thanks to Multi-Threaded approach,
now you can browse your photos with non-blocking batch conversion in background;
o Rewritten exif parser with Exiftool only support for best compatibility with raw files and best performance;
o More complete exif data list;
o Added progressbar on "Save as" function;
o Customizable columns number of the gallery with new buttons on the main window;
o Added hotkeys on Full-screen mode view;
o Fixed "Beep doesn't sound on Xfce4" bug;
o Fixed "Cannot convert 48 bit tiff images" bug;
o Fixed "Exif IsoSpeed data not displayed on NEF raw files"
o Fixed some Dialogs' response bugs;

Posted by Daniele Isca 2007-10-04

GTKRawGallery version 0.3 released!

Why should you try it? Because it has all you need from an image viewer:
it's very fast (tested with over than 10 Mb files) and light (less than 2400 lines of code
with a clean syntax for simple maintenance);
finally, thanks to raw support, it's the definitive solution to manage your photos!

Here are a list of the main features of GTKRawGallery:
o Most known image formats supported;
o Camera raw files support (with DcRaw);
o 16 bit for channel color depth images recognized;
o Exif support (with;
o Detail and thumbnail view for images;
o Thumbnails zooming;
o Thumbnails autorotation;
o Full-screen view;
o Zooming and rotation;
o Slideshow;
o Album manager;
o Fast link to open images with Gimp or other
editing tool;
o New "Save as" feature with exif data preserved *;
o New "Convert" feature for batch conversion of multiple selection;
o User friendly graphic interface compatible
with several screen resolutions (minimum 800x600)

Posted by Daniele Isca 2007-08-20

GTKRawGallery version 0.2.2 released!

Bug fix release.

Posted by Daniele Isca 2007-08-01

GTKRawGallery version 0.2.1 released!

Bug fix release.

Posted by Daniele Isca 2007-07-31

GTKRawGallery version 0.2 released!

o Completely rewrited functions for raw files management.
Now, you can quickly display your raw gallery and storage
your photo collection thanks to the new album manager;
o Thumbnail autorotation;
o New "Open with.." menuitem to open images with Gimp or other
editing tool;
o Best usability with "New Album" button on "Add Selection" dialog;
o Customizable album directory;
o Added "Remember last visited path" option;
o Several code optimizations;
o Fix known bugs;

Posted by Daniele Isca 2007-07-30