No ISO reading for Nikon D70s photos?

  • Janne Ahokas

    Janne Ahokas - 2007-09-09


    GTKRawGallery doesn't show ISO speed for my photos taken with Nikon D70s. Running exiftool (which I understood you program uses) on a image file shows fields ISO and ISO Setting correctly. ISO speed is often important for me so I would appreciate if your program would show it too.

    Otherwise I've found your program very good and fast on browsing and watching raw image files, thank you.


    • Daniele Isca

      Daniele Isca - 2007-09-10

      Thanks for report! I'll fix it as soon as possible. Bye!

    • Janne Ahokas

      Janne Ahokas - 2007-09-12

      I tried to study a bit more why D70 ISO reading is not found. First Nikon seems to store it in exif makernote. doesn't find any ISO setting at all. I loaded image exif data with exif.process_file(f , details=True) in debug mode and from debug list I also couldn't see any ISO value. It by the way says that exif dat is in Motorola format. It reads makernote but doesn't make any sense of it.

    • Daniele Isca

      Daniele Isca - 2007-09-13

      In fact I'm rewriting the Exif parser with Exiftool only support for best compatibility and performance. I'll include it on version 0.4 that I'll release next days! Thanks again, bye!


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