• Václav Kramář

    1. I have exiftool 7.82, but GTKRawgallery says it requiers 7.41 or newer and does not start. What is wrong?

    2. Please add TK dependency to README.

    • Daniele Isca

      Daniele Isca - 2009-08-10

      What is the path of the exiftool binary? gtkrawgallery-0.9.5 expects to find it in /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin.

    • Vaclav Kramar

      Vaclav Kramar - 2009-08-10

      I think it's /usr/bin/perlbin/vendor/exiftool. I'll check it and try to make a symlink.

    • Václav Kramář

      Symlink solves exiftool error, but now I finish with "Segmentation fault" (no more detailes in console).

      • Daniele Isca

        Daniele Isca - 2009-08-11

        Try to reinstall!

    • Vaclav Kramar

      Vaclav Kramar - 2009-08-11

      I already reinstalled few times because of testing a package I made ( But do you really think that this can solve such trouble? It's a bit strange behavior.

      • Daniele Isca

        Daniele Isca - 2009-08-11

        It was referred to source package. Please don't ask me for third party packages.

    • Václav Kramář

      The package was made on the same PC, so it is the same as installed directly via I thougt I'm working on Linux, not Windows. :-(

      If I go throught the dependencies list, i have:
      python 2.6.2
      pygtk 2.14.1
      gtk 2.16.5
      sqlite3 3.6.16
      python-pysqlite 2.5.5
      python-numpy 1.3.0

    • Václav Kramář

      perl-exiftool 7.82
      libglade 2.6.4
      dcraw 8.95

      What of this can couse "Segmentation fault" error? Or how to debug this error?

    • Daniele Isca

      Daniele Isca - 2009-08-12

      If you are going to make a "precompiled" package for any distribution, I cannot help you. Segmentation Faults should not be due to wrong dependencies, sometimes I got it
      after installation, so I thought to a compile error. Finally, if the original code was not hacked, try to reinstall from source following the Readme instructions.

    • Vaclav Kramar

      Vaclav Kramar - 2009-08-12

      What a shame. I'm not going to install any SW outside the package management.

      Regards and good luck



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