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 access the contents of an iPod. You are welcome to use this library in
 your own projects.</p>
       <p><span style="font-weight: bold;">The latest stable version is
-V0.7.0, released on January 18th 2009.</span></p>
+V0.7.2, released on April 15th, 2009.</span></p>
       <p>V0.6.0 was the first release to support the iPod Classic and Nano Video. These models require a one-time setup of the iPod however, see the <a href="libgpod/">libgpod</a> page for more details.</p>
 <p>There's also preliminary support for the iPhone and the iPod Touch but they must be jailbroken to work. You'll find more details in the NEWS file.</p>
       <h2>How can I help?</h2>