#39 [libgpod] list supported video formats



I would like to see an option for libgpod to provide a list of video formats supported by an apple device. Attached you'll find a path which adds this functionally.

All info is extracted from SysInfoExtended only. No fallback is provided.
It will supply a GList of all included supported formats. Formats which include a list of different profiles are included as separate formats per profile.

Existing code has hardly been touched, with the exception of renaming function "*parse_one_formats_list" to "*parse_image_format_list", two minor possible bugs and some styling.

Since this is the first time I ever touched C, this is a learning project for me. Please provide feedback on big and small issues.


  • Prodoc

    Prodoc - 2011-08-23

    Forgot the mention:
    Only video properties are included, not the audio properties. This would require a general audio support list first, which could then also be applied for the audio section in the video format list. I will have a look at an audio support list if the video code is finalized.

  • Prodoc

    Prodoc - 2011-08-24

    Updated the patch two times today.
    First update: renamed enum from ItdbProfile to ItdbVideoProfile
    Second update: Let's actually make itdb_device_get_video_formats publicly available (duh!)

    I'm now at the testing stage of an update to libgpod-sharp to make the new function available there.

  • Prodoc

    Prodoc - 2011-08-24

    The mono binding has been tested with only one iPod model (160GB Classic), though it should be OK for the rest as well. The libgpod patch has been tested with almost all available SysInfoExtended files and passed.

    As for the binding: My only concern is VideoFormat.Destroy(). I'm not sure what needs to be done about that, if anything (see code comments).

  • Prodoc

    Prodoc - 2011-10-24

    0001-List-supported-video-formats-libgpod.patch is an updated version of the mono binding patch. I forgot to add one change to the commit


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