#33 libgpod suport for video_info table for TV Shows, etc.

Joel Smith

This patch is a first try at populating the video_info table for TV Shows, Movies and Music Videos, though the only metadata of interest actually populated is only relevant to TV Shows (like season number, episode number, show title, etc.).

The patch is against the current git head. Gtkpod won't read this metadata out of a .mp4 file, but if you set the metadata manually from Gtkpod, this patch allows the iPhone/iPod to see and act upon the metadata.

I've tested it on my iPod Touch 3.1.2 and it works great. Next up, artwork for TV shows.


  • Joel Smith

    Joel Smith - 2010-03-24

    Patch for TV Episode support for libgpod and sqlite itdbs.

  • Christophe Fergeau

    Ah, thanks for the patch :) I'll integrate it before next libgpod release. I'd expect artwork for TV shows to work exactly like artwork for music tracks, ie it should already work. Have you observed issues with it?

  • Joel Smith

    Joel Smith - 2010-03-25

    Sorry for the artwork false alarm. I thought my test file had artwork in it, but it didn't. I tried one with artwork, and it worked perfectly, as you expected. Thanks for making the iPhone usable with Linux!


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