I don't know athe actual state of libgpod in this field so excuse me if this is allready spoken, done or whatever.

tripod (libgpod in background) is abe to create a new, or modify an existing photo database, editting, and adding photo albums (they work fine) but after the transfer, the photos app, tells that there are X photos in a album, but when you try to watch them you, it tells no images can be found in that album.

i'm not a programer, but i think, that the problem is in the img db since the ipod touch has different resolutions (names┬┐?) for images than a ipod photo but the known functions shoul work.

a time ago i tried gpixpod and when acting like a ipod photo instead of telling no images are pressent, it will display a white thumb and a completl black image in full wiev mode.

so thanks for any help

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