On Fri, May 1, 2009 at 3:36 PM, Todd Zullinger <tmz@pobox.com> wrote:
Dudy Kohen wrote:
> Since I migrated to Ubuntu I've been active in their bug tracker and
> there is a bug regarding the responsiveness of GTKPod.
> I've commented on the bug that the improvements are in the SVN
> without thinking that Ubuntu is one of the distributions aimed at
> the users who are not as tech-savvy (was that spelled correctly?).
> They are asking to make a backport for 0.99.14 of these changes, do
> you thing this is a smart move? Are there other options at our
> disposal? When is the next release planned?

It probably wouldn't be too much work to cherry pick those patches.  I
don't think another release is imminent, but it also shouldn't be
months and months away either.

> P.S.
> Taglib's ML seems dead, over a month with nobody answering, why
> won't we reconsider merging the branch now that it configures
> properly when taglib is unavailible or without my added bindings?

If taglib development is a little stagnant at the moment, that means
the odds of getting the needed improvements committed upstream are
low, doesn't it?  If the changes to taglib aren't headed upstream, IMO
it seems premature to include them in gtkpod.  If we do that, we could
end up having to maintain them within gtkpod, which doesn't seem like
the ideal situation.
It's one file, that contains C bindings (which have 3 other implementations), more than 50%  of which was written by me.
In addition, the autofoo has been fixed and handles non existent taglib and "old" bindings.

What are our other options?
Use a library that cannot write tags to some files, that hasn't been updated for over three years?
Fork the bindings (which sounds pretty good for me now that I think about it, why would C bindings have anything to do with KDE?)?

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