I am running a fifth generation iPod Video, using gtkpod v.0.99.10 on a Ubuntu gutsy setup.  I am able to update my iPod successfully.  However, on certain artists, when I update them, and unmount my iPod, when looking through my Artist list on my iPod, there will be multiple instances of that artist.  They will contain the same Albums and tracks.  They appear to not be duplicate mp3's on the iPod of those artists, as my track count when set to shuffle is the same as I have in Audacious (minus some tracks I have in Ogg Vorbis that I haven't converted).

What's weird is some of the artists I've updated do not have multiple instances.

All these artists were previously on my iPod when I was using iTunes on Windows, except for one of them, which I had added using gtkpod, then updated today.  It previously did not show up with multiple instances until I added one new song this afternoon.

Does anyone know what's going on, and how I can fix my artist list?