2009/12/22 P.G. Richardson <p.g.richardson@phantomjinx.co.uk>

b) Subsequent quick discussions with teuf on irc indicate potential
pitfalls and problems with moving to cmake and he is not interested in
migrating libgpod to cmake.

Most people like it, I just explained the issues I had with cmake, but this is just me, don't base your decision of using/not using cmake on what I say ;)

c) gtkpod would be just another useless gui without libgpod. After all, it
was developed by Jorg et al to demonstrate the functionality of libgpod.
Thus, I think it prudent and desirable for gtkpod to remain as close to
its sister project as possible due to the history and crossover.

Build systems don't really matter for libgpod/gtkpod integration, libgpod installs a pkgconfig file which either cmake or the autotools can use.