Pascal Bernhard <> wrote:
Hey all, when using gtkpod I noticed that the program hasn't been completely translated into German yet, the Transifex site says about 63 % is available in German. Personally I find the mixture of German and English side by side in an application a little bit confusing. So I thought, maybe I could give a helping hand. Please let me know, if you could use som help from a native German speaker. Frankly I have no experience with Transifex (but with translating technical documents from English/French into German), but I guess it would be possible for me to become familiar with the process. Regards, Pascal
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Any help gratefully received.

Transiflex does have instructions on its site. First though you should register and request to join the project on Transiflex.

You then download the po file, edit key value pairs and upload your work.


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