i have a fairly new iPod Classic (160GB, black) und try to use it with
gtkpod (current development version from GIT). I experienced
some strange behaviour, probably related to the hash value problem
with newer iPods.

   -- I start to add music (via add directory) - one ripped CD.
   -- I save the changes and diconnect the iPod: I can see my files on it.
   -- I plug in the iPod again and add some other directory, save them
      and disconnect as before. Result is: "no music" displayed at the
   -- I plug in the iPod again, delete some files, save the changes,
      disconnect and, surprise: The rest of the music is visible again
      (I couldn't figure out what the minimimal number of files is, which
      must be deleted to see this behavoiur. But what I found out is, that
      it's not necessary to delete the same files for which the adding
      caused the "no music" display)

This looks like "two steps forward, one step back" and seems a little
weird to me. Is there anything else I could try to correctly sync the
iTunes DB?

thanks in advance
Erik Margraf