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> Hi all,


is there a way to change the sorting order of the tracks in playlists
> on the iPod? I can change the order of playlists in the GTKpod GUI (in
> the list on the left side) and that of the tracks by clicking at the
> top of the columns. But the latter one doesn't have any effect on the
> playlists on the iPod as was the case with version 0.99xxx.
I couldn't
> find any option in the GUI to do that. Am I missing here something? A
> workaround is to sort the (automatic) playlist in GTKpod and then
> manually create a new playlist from the sorted tracks. Frankly, I'd
> prefer an easier way to do that.

> GTKpod 2.1.0
Debian unstable / GTK 2
Thanks for your help,



> This was disabled in the move to version 2. However, I have restored it
> in the new 2.1.1 release. A beta is available on sourceforge with the
> release pencilled in for around the end of this month.
> Phantomjinx
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Thanks for the info. But the new release 2.1.1 requires GTK 3, Am I correct?



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Correct as did 2.1.0.
The gtk2 stream is 2.0.1 which has had no changes backported to it since there has been little demand so far.

Sent from my Android phone with K-9 Mail. Please excuse my brevity.