well I have restored the iPod under iTunes and tried to copy the original files, which I had transferred over to my computer, back onto the iPod

however they do not register on the iPod database although they are there!! (I have tried doing this with gtkpod and banshee) so I cannot play them on the iPod

so I am resigned to recompiling my music collectin from my CDs and downloaded files - at least I will be able to weed out those tracks I never did listen to much anyway!!!

this could take a while!!!!

2009/12/13 P.G. Richardson <p.g.richardson@phantomjinx.co.uk>
Any errors reported? Maybe you have to remove (backup) the entire
filesystem, wipe it and ask gtkpod/banshee to rebuild it based on the
model. I know gtkpod has the facility, no idea about banshee.



> only one problem, gtkpod cannot load my iPod, nor can Banshee, so I cannot
> copy any files to it!!
> 2009/12/12 <p.g.richardson@phantomjinx.co.uk>
>> Don't believe there is. Probably the easiest is to move the files onto
>> your
>> computer then ask gtkpod to import them from their directory. That will
>> rebuld the database. Downside is the copying could take a while. Yet you
>> will have a backup.
>> PGR
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