I have been using my 5thGen iPod on Linux with no problems up to now. However this morning neither Banshee or gtkpod would recognise it. The following error message is displayed after I have connected the iPod and then start up gtkpod;

Hashed file is 0 bytes long

Could not create hash value from itunesdb

Extended info will not be not be used

iPod Database Import Failed:'Illegal seek to offset 0 (length 4) in '/media/STEVE'S IPO/iPod control/iTunes/iTunesDB'.'

Newly mounted iPod at '/media/STEVE'S IPO' could not be loaded into gtkpod

The iPod does eventually show in Dolphin and Banshee, all the relevant folders seem to be present, however the iTunesDB is empty!!

The recordings are still there (in Banshee and in MS Windows the properties show 24Gb used). So presumably the contents of the iTunesDB file has been wiped.

Can I get my iPod to rebuild its database and show all my recordings again?