I read that somewhere as well. If memory serves, the latest release of libgpod has hooks in it that allow for the loading of third party "plug-in" libraries to provide additional functionality. These hooks could be used to load additional libraries that include the hash functions necessary to generate the correct checksums for the iPod Nano 6g music database.

I am not familiar with the API defined by the hooks, and I absolutely have no idea where to start when it comes to investigating the correct way to generate the checksum for the Nano 6g and others. Can any of the experienced libgpod team give me some pointers?

To phantomjinx's point, I understand that this is a small project and that people have commitments elsewhere. I have lots of travel and family stuff going on this time of year. I work full time and am taking grad school courses. At the same time, this problem bugs me, so I'd like to throw some of my free time at it. Any guidance that people can share would be great.

Happy holiday's to those that celebrate them!


On Mon, Dec 26, 2011 at 8:05 AM, Florian Echtler <floe@butterbrot.org> wrote:
> This Christmas I got an iPod Nano Gen. 6. When I tried to Sync it to my
> computer running Ubuntu (10.04) via Rhythmbox (0.12.8) it didn't work. I
> did research, and found that gtkpod doesn't support 6th gen. Nanos yet. Do
> you know how soon support will be added? I cannot use my iPod until it is,
> because I have no other computer. Thank you for your time.
AFAICT from the source code, the latest version of libgpod can use a
binary library called libhashab.so to sync an iPod nano 6G.

Haven't tried this yet myself, another holiday project :-).

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