Hello All;

I find myself in the same position as Mathieu when it comes to libgpod support for the nano 6g. As I understand it, Apple changed the way that iTunes computes the library checksum on the 6g nano (and others) and that is why libgpod no longer works. Is someone currently working the super fun task of reverse engineering the hash-generation function? What can I do to help.

I am a SW engineer as well.


On Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 3:41 PM, Mathieu Westphal <mathieu.westphal@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello everybody

I'm currently a owner of an ipop nano 6g (the touching one) and a
software engineer.

As i can understand, this version is not currently suppported?

Why this model make problems?
Is there people working on it? if so, do we have a chance to get this
feautre in the future.

And the most important? How can I help? Can i contribute to the source?
i'm pretty noob about any iDevice programming.

Hope not disturbing you all.

Mathieu Westphal

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