You'd probably be better off asking this question on one of the Ubuntu forums... The fstab you want is /etc/fstab, see there for an explanation of what it does:
But your ipod probably gets automounted by nautilus, without any corresponding entry in the fstab.

Can you plug in your ipod, open an Terminal window, issue the `mount` command and report the output?

On 5 May 2012 23:52, Drew Tardif <drewtardif@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi, I'm working with a Sixth gen iPod Nano under Ubuntu 10.10, and I'm
having a problem that is covered in the Help Contents file, however I
do not know how to implement the solution provided. Here it is:

>Files copied to gtkpod but they don't appear in the database (0.80, Tony Williams)?

>I'm having a problem that I wonder if you've seen. I've setup gtkpod. launch it and add files. I can hear the ipod harddrive spin up. If I go onto the ipod directly I can see the space being used and can even see the new files on the ipod. However the ipod interface doesn't show the new files and gtkpod keeps telling me that there are orphaned files.


>I finally figured out the problem. In my fstab I had the filesystem set to 'auto' and it was mounting as msdos instead of vfat. I specified vfat in fstab and voila! I'm a happy happy man.

So here's my problem, I don't know what this "fstab" file is, which
one I'm supposed to be working with, (I found more than one on my
system) and I don't really know what part exactly I'm supposed to edit
other than the obvious "change msdos to vfat" bit.
So could I have a bit of help here? Please and thank you.

-Drew M. Tardif

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