I guess I failed to explain. Language barrier, you know. English is not one of my strongest skills. Let's try again:

Of course, it's not supported. But there must be a reason for not being supported. For iOS 4 and up a new version of libgpod would have to be written to make use of some kind of binary blob from Apple. My question is:

1. Did someone research or document those things? How deep did he/she go in the matter? Is this documentation, if exists, archived somewhere? 

2. If not, did this at least been discussed in the mailing lists? Did someone find something that could be a starting point?

Henrique Cesar Ulbrich

2013/10/24 <tino.keitel@gmx.de>
On Sat, Sep 07, 2013 at 12:39:17 -0300, Henrique Cesar Ulbrich wrote:
> The issues for synching newer devices  and iOS > 4 are well known.

AFAIK the issue is that iOS > 4 just won't work with libgpod at all. Am I

> The question is: are all those issues documented somewhere, or one needs to
> go through all mailing lists to gather scattered information?
> This is not criticism, I am really asking because I don't know. I couldn't
> find these documented anywhere and I am willing to help in this effort.
> Maybe it would help future adventurers.


supported devices are mentioned here: http://www.gtkpod.org/ (Status of
Supported Hardware)


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