Thank you for your reply, Phantomjinx. Are your questions pertaining to the import from the iPod to the local directory, or to adding the local directory to the Gtkpod Music Library?

For the latter, there is only one local directory. It was added and 179 songs out of 992 were picked up. I just ran a command and found that there 179 *.mp3 files in that directory. So, apparently the Gtkpod Music Library does not like non-mp3 music files. Is this a known limitation? I have not seen anything about it. The other 813 files are .m4a's, which are the "normal" Apple iTunes file type. If Gtkpod will not handle them, I will need to look for another solution.

As for the 96 files that were not imported from the iPod to the local directory, I will have to do more research and report back.


On Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 3:51 PM, phantomjinx <> wrote:
Tim Cuthbertson <> wrote:
I am using an iPod Video 30 GB on Linux. I imported the music from the iPod to a local directory. It failed to import about 100 of 1100 songs. Then I added the local directory to the gtkpod Music Library. It only picked up 179 of the 992 songs that were imported.

What is going on and is there anything I can do to fix it? My gtkpod version is 2.1.2.

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Did you add by folder or by file?

Maybe the import did not recourse properly. Can you detect any pattern to those that did import?

You can import from the same folder so do anymore import? Try navigating to folders that didn't import and see if they import?