When I use gtkpod with my iPod Touch and I try to remove duplicate Podcasts (that are somehow generated by Gpodder) GTKpod segfaults while saving changes.

I try to use the "Check iPod's Files" function; it works but segfaults before it is able to save.

I am using the gtkpod and libgpod version from git that is available on Arch Linux in the AUR.
I use i686 and Linux kernel version 2.6.33.
My iPod Touch is a non jailbroken 2nd Generation 8GB MC model.

Here's the debug log:

libitdbprep: itdb_iphone_start_sync called with uuid=*
itdb_iphone_start_sync: posted syncWillStart
itdb_iphone_start_sync: posted syncLockRequest
Locking for sync, attempt 0...
itdb_iphone_start_sync: posted syncDidStart

** (gtkpod:4273): CRITICAL **: prepare_itdb_for_write: assertion `link' failed
Segmentation fault

I'd try to do more intense debugging but I can't figure out how to turn on '--verbose' in gtkpod.

Matthew Bauer