Thanks for uploading this. I noticed that if you want to build it from source and then run it "local" (ie without installing) then the source must be in a directory called gtkpod (rather than gtkpod-2.0.0) because there is some code in directories.c that specifically checks that the path to the executable contains the string "gtkpod/src". Untarring the source and then renaming gtkpod-2.0.0 to gtkpod before building did the trick for me.



On 27 February 2011 01:48, phantomjinx <> wrote:
Morning folks,

First beta of version 2 available for download and testing on
sourceforge here ->

Should you wish to use a deb or rpm then this beta is the same as the
gtkpod*42c4b92*.[deb rpm] files under the gtkpod-2.0.0-unstable/20110227

I note that active translation work is being undertaken on transifex for
some languages, the latest being Czech, so these will be included in
subsequent betas and the final release.

However, I dont expect to include any new features from now but only bug
fixes to this baseline. This beta will have a life of about a week and
then depending on results, either a full release or further betas will
be made.

Thanks for your efforts


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