On Ubuntu 10.10 I get the following when trying to upgrade with gtkpod_2.0.0.bb471c2-1_i386.deb:

An unhandlable error occurred

There seems to be a programming error in aptdaemon, the software that allows you to install/remove software and to perform other package management related tasks. Please report this error at http://launchpad.net/aptdaemon/+filebug and retry.

I realise that this isn't a GTKPod bug, but it would impact being able to test it...


On Sun, Dec 12, 2010 at 1:50 PM, phantomjinx <p.g.richardson@phantomjinx.co.uk> wrote:
Evening all,

I would like to head towards a release of gtkpod2 by the end of the month so would people mind taking it for a spin if not already and let me know problems, gripes, annoyances and other little bugs that they would prefer to see fixed prior to this release please. In addition, anyone willing to give their time over to translations would be more than appreciated.

If you do not want to compile it yourself then there are unstable rpm (fedora 13+) and deb (ubuntu maverick) builds on sourceforge:

Latest things included:
- Converting videos to ipod spec mp4s, using ffmpeg, so in theory most videe types should work
- Sorting playlists

Once again, if people would like to get involved with the coding side then please do get in touch, regardless of experience. It would be good to have a fresh injection of flair and ideas into the project rather than just me flagging on ....

Thanks and Regards


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