Dear list members, 

I have been trying for days to understand how to use my ipod with ubuntu 9.10.  I am a complete amateur and don't understand most of the terminology in the forums.  i have tried to set up a irc chat to find someone (anyone!) to help me get anywhere.  i am willing to learn how to do stuff but i don't know where to start. 

so far this is what ive done:

figured out how to delete all the former music off the ipod and put it into rythmnbox. (it was originally my sister's)

i think i reformatted the ipod in someway.

paste into the terminal some code about repositories but without any obvious (to me) result.  i don't even know what a repository is.

today i spent a couple of hours importing playlists from rythmnbox into gtkpod.  when i exited gtkpod it crashed and i forcequit it and lost everything i'd done.  and nothing is on the ipod still.

you may ask why do i have ubuntu?  answer: ex-boyfriend
but i'm determined to learn how to use it.

please help!!!