I put my mp3 files into my computer's  /audio/music and /audio/spokenword folders. I often have my iPod away from my computer. This means that when I get my iPod to my computer, I often forget what mp3 files I've added to my computer but that aren't on my iPod yet.
(This is my vision:) I would like gtkpod to automatically these media files to my iPod when I click "Save Changes" (in gtkpod).

Is this possible? If not, what is the best way to do what I want to accomplish?

Thank you.



under "edit preferences" choose the "general" tab and then select "Set mountpoint or edit repository options". Scroll down to "playlists" and from the dropdown list select the name of your ipod. "Master playlist" should now be written next to the dropdown box. Then activate "On startup automatically sync with the following directory" and type in the desired path. this will automatically sync your ipod to a directory when it is loaded.
To automatically sync with multiple directories you will have to create a seperate playlist for each directory.


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