I second Thorsten's request, as a current owner of a nano 6g.

I'd like to offer myself to do any kind of help you might need,
be it giving hardware specs, alpha-testing, etc. Anything I
can do as an owner, please let me know. I'd give the serials,
but I've seen on git you already have them.

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Subject: [Gtkpod-devel] iPod nano touch (6G)

Good morning to everyone!

My son wants an IPod nano touch (6G) as a christmas present. As there is 
no pc in our family running any version of windows - except a old WinXP 
professional in a virtualbox environment on my Kubuntu Lucid Lynx laptop 
that has no access to the www, I would like to ask if there is any hope 
of libgpod supporting the nano 6g anytime soon. I tried it with the 
latest libgpod and gtkpod, but had no success. gtkpod can list the 
contents of the nano 6g just fine, but refuses to update anything. 

Thanks for your work and your dedication to the community and this 

Thorsten Müller

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