John Frankish <> wrote:
Using usbmuxd-1.0.9(git), libimobiledevice-1.1.6(git), libplist-1.11(git) and ifuse-1.1.3(git)...

I can mount and read from an iPhone5S running iOS-7.0.4

$ ls /mnt/iphone
AirFair/ Downloads/ Recordings/
Airlock/ PhotoData/ Safari/
ApplicationArchives/ Photos/ iTunes_Control/
Books/ Purchases/
DCIM/ Radio/

..but using gtkpod...
$ gtkpod --mountpoint=/mnt/iphone

[load selected ipod]

** (gtkpod:21386): CRITICAL **: gp_load_ipod: assertion 'itdb->usertype & GP_ITDB_TYPE_IPOD' failed

$ grep initial_mountpoint /home/tc/.gtkpod/prefs

From the gtkpod website I understand that the latest stable version supports up to iOS5, but does git support any later versions than that and/or is it likely to in the near future?


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Sorry John,

Very unlikely since without a lot of hard reverse engineering and there is sadly not the enthusiasm in the community for doing it that there once was.