On Sun, Aug 16, 2009 at 20:48, LOEWENTHAL Simon <simon@klunky.co.uk> wrote:

Dear all gtkpodders,

       I apologise if this is off topic but I could not find a general
discussion list for gtkpod.

Thirty mins ago, whilst creating a bootable USB HDD for an ISO image, I
accidentally ran dd with an of=/dev/sdc1, when in fact I should have
used sdb1.  Of course, sdc is (was) my iPod Shuffle 1st Generation (VFAT
based) device.

Because I had not intended to do this I had not made a backup of it.
However, at some point in the past I did tar up all the files in the
partition. I do not remember why, but I did.

Thus, I have a Shuffle with an ISO image on it, and a backup of its
first partition containing  these files,


Does anyone know any way of resurrecting my Shuffle or is it consigned
to being a 512Mb storage device?

This is definitely not the right group. I'm cc'ing this to gtkpod-questions and moving gtkpod-devel to bcc.

To answer your question, you can very easily restore your iPod to its factory condition with iTunes. I'm almost certain gtkpod can do the same. I guess formatting the iPod and running gtkpod should be enough.

Of course, you'll have to copy all the music back to the device, but that will be probably easier and faster than any fancy recovery procedure.