On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 13:57, Adam Sjøgren <asjo@koldfront.dk> wrote:
Just a quick note to thank Javier Kohen for the profiling and speedup
patches, from a "regular user".

I just updated and compiled, and the difference is very noticable (I
mistakenly suspected that the whole sshfs over wifi-dance for my iPod
Touch was the primary culprit for the slowness I saw in the interface.)

gtkpod just keeps improving, thanks everybody!

Well, I'm certainly glad to hear that!

However, you've seen nothing yet... just wait until the patch from the thread named "Responsive UI" is applied :-)

You could also try it on your own and report back. It should be harmless since it only changes a few UI behaviors, but it's probably the patch with the largest user visible impact, at least for a large collection (15500 tracks).



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