As discussed in freenode #gtkpod, I have been unsuccessful in attempting to get gtkpod to recursively sync to my iphone playlist from a directory.  I am submitting this with the hope that someone can spot where I might have went wrong, or if it is indeed a defect, where/if I should submit that.

- I have gtkpod 0.99.14 on Ubuntu 9.04 x86

1. I set up a valid directory in Edit->Repository/iPod Options->Playlists->"On Startup automatically sync with the following directory"
2. Close gtkpod
3. Put some MP3 files in the sync directory
4. Open gtkpod, new files are recognized and added to the playlist
5. Close gtkpod
6. Put a directory containing valid MP3 files in the sync directory
7. Open gtkpod, nothing new
8. Try a manual Update/Sync Playlist, nothing new

It is at steps 7 and 8 that I am unable to get the sync functionality to work as I expect/hope that it would.  Please advise if I have missed a step or seem to be mistaken on the process.  Any help is appreciated and I can elaborate if needed.

I apologize if this has been submitted before, I am new to this list and searching I did not find anything that matched my issue.  Debian bug #426010 is similar but it was submitted 2 years ago and the description does not quite fit my problem.

Thank you