Just in case you are making the same mistakes as I once did:

1.  Highlight your local repository in gtkpod (left hand pane) then click on "Add Files" or "Add Directory".  This adds files from your hard drive to gtkpod's repository.
2. Connect your iPod.  Make sure it is mounted and make sure gtkpod sees it correctly.
3.  Highlight all songs under the "Local" repository in gtkpod.  While highlighted, right click and choose "Copy to xxx ipod" where "xxx" is the name of your iPod.
4.  Click "Save" at the top of the screen.  Songs are sent to the iPod only after you click "Save".
5.  Disconnect your iPod safely.  I do this by going to the desktop and selecting my iPod's icon, RMB > "Remove Safely".

That should work.


On Dec 31, 2007 2:47 PM, Richard Emberson <remberson@edgedynamics.com> wrote:


Downloaded and installed libgpod 0.6.0 and gtkpod 0.99.12.

Same result: If I add an mp3 file to the iPod using gtkpod, after
disconnecting, the iPod states that it has "No Music".
The size of the iTunesDB created by iPod is still smaller
(now 360044 bytes) than was orignially in the iPod (music
added with iTunes using a pc).

iPod Model: MB029LL
iPod Version: 1.0.3 PC


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What is the iPod model? If it is one of the new models, upgrade to libgpod
0.6.0 and gtkpod 0.99.12.

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