I have gtkpod version 0.99-4, on Ubuntu Edgy Eft.

I want to copy songs to my iPod Nano, but I can't seem to do it.  When I drag an album or a Song to the iPod, it's as if Gtkpod doesn't have the capability to drag-n-drop.

I am able to delete songs from the iPod, and I had initially set the thing up under Gtkpod and fully populated it to its 1.8 Gig total size.  But now I am trying to drag songs to it back and forth on an individual or album basis, and I cannot do so.

I would consider upgrading, but it looks pretty painful at this point.  When I started poking around and getting .deb packages, one thing always leads to another:  libgpod depends on libc6, but I can't seem to install a more up-to-date libc6 because dpkg claims I have the most up-to-date version.

Hopefully 0.99-4 can do what I want, but so far no good.  How can I add a single song to my iPod?  (btw, it's in aac format and has an m4a suffix).
-Mike Schwager